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Eastern Plains Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunts

Sessions Wt Buck-2013 400 2Colorado's best kept secret is the boomer whitetails and mule deer that inhabit the eastern plains. Our farms are located along over six (6) miles of the Arkansas River bottom, just east of Lamar, Colorado. This area is regarded by "those in the know"as one of the best trophy deer hunting areas of the Midwest.

Colorado is a fair chase state and it is illegal to hunt over attractants and bait, like in many other states. The most effective way to hunt these Colorado monarchs is from strategically placed tree stands and ground blinds in travel corridors, rutting areas and on the edge of bedding areas. We have placed over twenty-five (25) tree stands and ground blinds in areas which take advantage of big buck movement throughout our farms. Many of our stands have been strategically placed in staging areas for the large bucks as they go to and come from bedding and feeding areas. We have a very high buck to doe ratio and our bucks tend to be very aggressive and visible during the rut, which lasts from November into December. Our buck to doe ratio is so high, it is not unusual to hear or see bucks fighting over does. This high ratio also makes the bucks very susceptible to calling and rattling at the right stages of the season. You can also spot and stalk big bucks as the opportunity arises. While our ranches are large and we have numerous stand locations, we do not over-pressure the deer. Therefore, hunting groups of 1 to 3 hunters are all we take at one time. This keeps the big bucks in place and maximizes your probability of taking a trophy. Our farms are managed for trophy hunting, as we do not allow bucks to be harvested under the Pope & Young minimum of 125 inches rough measurement. Any hunter harvesting a buck under this minimum will be assessed an additional harvest fee. We want you to have a mature buck hanging on your wall and we want those younger bucks to keep growing! If you harvest one of these Colorado's monarchs, you have truly earned it!

  • Arkansas River ValleyThese hunts will take place in southeast Colorado, along the Arkansas River. In addition to over six (6) miles of tamarisk and cottonwood Arkansas River bottom, our farms also cover thousands of acres of corn, wheat and alfalfa adjacent to sage flats and bedding areas.
  • Accommodations and meals will be the hunters’ responsibility and expense. There are numerous motels and restaurants in the area which will meet your needs.

    Rodeway Inn
    (Cow Palace Inn)

     1301 North Main St.
     Lamar, CO 81052
     (719) 336-7753

    Super 8 Lamar
     1202 North Main St.
     Lamar, CO 81052
     (719) 336-3427

    Holiday Inn Express & Suites
     1304 North Main St.
     Lamar, CO 81052
     (719) 931-4010                        hiexpress.com

    Days Inn Lamar
     1302 North Main St.
     Lamar, CO 81052
     (719) 336-5340

  • You have the option to draw archery, muzzleloader or rifle tags through the Colorado Division of Wildlife draw in April, or you can purchase a landowner voucher through RMS. Should you decide to purchase a landowner voucher, you can still put in for the draw and build preference points for further hunts. To insure acquisition, landowner vouchers must be ordered by March 15th.

    Click Here For Colorado Division of Wildlife Website

    Minimum Required Preference Points to Draw (Estimated) – 2014

                 Resident Non-Resident
    Archery                                   0 0
    Muzzleloader                       0 0
    Early Rifle                                  0-1 0-1
    Late Rifle                  1-2 1-2

    2014 Colorado Big Game Limited Draw License Application Deadline is April 1, 2014

  • Eastern Plains Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt Schedule – 2014

    Muzzleloader Hunt #1      October 15-19 5 day pre-rut hunt
    Archery Hunt #1                   November 10-14         5 day rut hunt
    Archery Hunt #2                     November 17-21         5 day rut hunt
    Early Rifle Hunt #1                        October 25-29 5 day rut hunt
    Early Rifle Hunt #2                       October 31-November 4   5 day rut hunt
    Late Rifle Hunt #1                       December     1-5        5 day rut hunt
    Late Rifle Hunt #2                                December   8-12        5 day rut hunt
    Doe Hunts                                  Companion hunt to any of the above

    Colorado Season Dates - 2014

    Archery October 1-24, November 5-30, December 15-31
    Muzzleloader October 11-19 
    Early Rifle October 25-November 4 
    Late Rifle December 1-14 
  • Eastern Plains Trophy Whitetail Deer Hunt Pricing – 2014

    Muzzleloader Hunt #1      October  16-20 $4,250 each – 2 hunters
    Archery Hunt #1 November 10-14 $3,750 each – 2 hunters
    Archery Hunt #2 November 17-21 $3,750 each – 2 hunters
    Early Rifle Hunt #1 October 25-29 $5,500 1 hunter
    Early Rifle Hunt #2 October 31-November 4 $5,500 1 hunter
    Late Rifle Hunt #1 December 1-5 $6,000 1 hunter
    Late Rifle Hunt #2 December   8-12        $6,000 1 hunter
    Whitetail Doe Companion Hunt $500




    Habitat Stamp $10 $10
    Deer, Buck or Doe $31 $361
    Draw Application Fee $3 $3
    Landowner Voucher Costs 2014 (Estimated) – available in the event you do not draw
    Archery $500-$1,000 
    Muzzleloader $500-$1,000 
    Early Rifle $1,000-$1,500 
    Late Rifle $1,000-$2,000 
Colorado Outfitters License #2830 - Licensed, Bonded and Insured

Hunt Testimonials

"I'm a worldwide trophy hunter and resident of Lamar Colorado. When I bought my late season rifle tag, I jumped at the chance to hunt with the Palmers at RMS. RMS's farms are known to hold the biggest whitetails in the state. Michael Jr. really knows how to put you on the big bucks. Great hunt! I strongly recommend RMS for your trophy hunt."

Justin Y - Lamar, CO

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